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Conversion Optimisation Possible with Search Engine Optimisation

 Search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion optimisation (CO) initially appear to be two contrasting approaches in Internet marketing but this is not so. Yes, these strategies have their essential differences but these have more similarities than differences, which online business owners and marketers.

Without jumping the gun, so to speak, SEO and CO work well together. When SEO techniques have placed your website in the first page of the search engine results for the unique keywords and your target visitors have clicked on your website, CO techniques will encourage the desired actions on the part of the visitors.

Taking the Desired Action

The core essence of conversion optimisation is then to increase the chances of the website visitors taking the desired action examples of which are as follows:

• Purchase the products and services being sold

Join a mailing list or a subscription list

Start a long-term relationship by making contact

Register to become a member of an online community

Keep in mind that the best website usually has a single all-important goal for its existence so much so that all aspects of the website are focused on its achievement. Too many goals and the website will not get the desired action and, thus, defeat its purpose for existence.

SEO and CO Comparisons

To understand the relationship between search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation, we must first have a basic understanding of their similarities and differences.

First, SEO is focused on landing on the top pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; article marketing and link building are part of its strategies. CO is focused on the website visitor with the goal of influencing his choices.

Second, SEO attracts visitors via its influence on the website’s search engine placement through the use of keywords and keyword phrases. Conversion optimisation attracts and retains visitors via compelling values and meaningful experiences with the brand itself as well as with its products and services.

We can then conclude that SEO attracts potential leads while CO gets the job done to close the deal, which will then be the start of a long-term relationship with the customer. SEO generated the potential leads, CO follows and keeps the leads.

But there are differences, too, which will require rethinking of strategies for online marketers who want to successfully combine the two strategies. For one thing, SEO has little need for PPC search advertising while CO uses PPC advertising to its best advantage. Paid media has its place in CO, which diehard SEO practitioners with their affinity for earned media may have trouble adapting to it.

For another thing, CO uses highly-controlled experimentation with specific keywords, advertisements and landing pages as the variables in the experiments. Iterations should be done as quickly as possible.

Indeed, conversion optimisation is the next logical step from search engine optimisation. Are you ready to take it?

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