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Link Building Fundamentals Revisited

On the surface, link building seems like a simple concept. In a way, it is provided you understand a few certain components which increase the potential for the links you acquire actually deliver on all your SEO expectations. This requires a targeted and logical approach. The days of simply flooding the internet with all manner of links will not lead to any desired results. There are a few effective established approaches which need to be followed. This is why it is so necessary to work with a reputable link building services since such SEO professionals understand exactly what are the fundamental basics needed for link building strategies to deliver results.

On the most basic of levels, the links should be one-way relevant links. One-way means that you have not acquired any reciprocal links in the form of a trade or other barter. One link points in one direction to your site. You do not offer any links to that site in return Also, the site, directory, or blog the link is placed will similar (relevant) content with your site. When links are relevant, their placement on a site makes sense. It is not easy to carefully place links on such sites which is why it is wise to work with link building services that only offer high quality one-way links..

Links must also be placed on sites that have a decent amount of Google Page Rank (PR). Page Rank is a numerical ranking from 0 – 10 that Google bestows on a website which indicates the value of the site. When a link is placed on a website, it is “fed” value from the PR. (This is dubbed “Google Juice”) All PR ranks have some value even those with a PR0. However, you will want sites that are ranked higher on the scale because they deliver greater benefit. This is not always easy which is why a link service is helpful. It has greater access to relevant venues with higher PR.

You do need to avoid flooding the internet with scores of links all at one time. Dumping 100 links in a week will look artificial to the search engines. As a result, they will not exactly have much benefit towards increasing the ranking of your website in the search engines. A slow and deliberate process of link building that adds links slowly over the course of several weeks will have a much greater impact. Only a legitimate service can handle such a task.

Handling all these link building tasks on your own would be rather difficult. Because of this, it is best to work with professional link building services known for doing what is required for your links to greatly contribute to SEO success.

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