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5 Critical Search Engine Marketing Tips

The whole point of search engine marketing is to make a website robot friendly. This ties into the concept of SEO (search engine optimisation) very intimately. SEO is the process of making site robots friendly by incorporating same-page optimisation tools like keyword phrases directly in the text. Here are five critical search engine marketing tips that an Internet marketing company would know all too well already.

1. Image file naming conventions

This search engine marketing tip comes from the fact that an increasing number of people are relying on image searches if they want to find a new website. There is an absolute correlation between normal and image web search results and even rankings.

2. Keyword phrases and density

The key to successful search engine marketing has its roots in keyword phrases and density. After analysing keyword density, be sure to optimise your keyword phrases so they appear on top, on the bottom and in the middle of your webpage. If you have to, rewrite webpage text to accommodate the SEO of keyword phrases.

3. Backlinks

You must never overlook or underestimate the importance of Backlinks in search engine marketing. By utilising your keyword phrases as the link, you can construct a high-quality network of Backlinks. Keep in mind that if there is no logical, sufficient reason for a website to link back to you, you should reject said link because it will do your Backlink efforts no good.

4. Fresh content

The beauty of fresh content with regards to search engine marketing success is that it can aid in improving your search rankings. To help achieve this, be sure to add useful and new content to your webpages on a consistent basis. In the eyes of search engines, fresh content actually adds relevancy to your website, which is why it aids in improving your website’s search rankings.

5. Review

After you have created a more search-engine friendly website, review your efforts by first waiting until Google indexes your site. Then analyse the results and follow up with any necessary adjustments until you obtain the desired, maximum optimisation.

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