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Find Targeted Keyword Phrases Before Your Competitors

With talk of keyword saturation and not being able to beat the competition is giving up too easily. The combination of two and three word phrases are often not looked at by your competition. This can be a real opportunity for you when you set about creating your keyword list and performing your keyword research.

Think Like Your Target Audience

Imagine you are a user; go to a search engine and type in what you think the user may type in search engines. Just do not assume the obvious. For example, if you are selling pet food and type in pet food, you may get dozens of entries. Try typing in pet food supplies or online pet food, or online pet food store. You will be surprised that people are trying many different combinations to search for a specific product or service.

Get a few friends or colleagues to brainstorm and come up with key phrases they may use to find a product or service online. You will be surprised at the variations and combinations different people come up with.

View The Source Code Of Your Competitor

Yes, this is legal and as long as they have not blocked it, you or anyone else can gain access to that. The source code will list in most cases the keyword used for the website. An added bonus you may find is the Title and Description of the website as well.

There, in full view you have just gained access to how your competitor has optimised their website.

A word of caution: Do not blindly copy the details verbatim. The reason is that most times there will be a variation in your website content as Google and other search engines ban copy sites. In addition, you may realise that even though they are you competitors, some of the keywords they use have no relevance to your product or service offering! Tread with caution.

View Content Of Your Competitor

By viewing the content of your competitor, you will get an idea of what keywords and key phrases they are using.  If they have optimised their website, then you will see the key phrases appearing in the source code, headings and in the actual content of the website.

You may soon realise that they may only have optimised the homepage and not the other pages, which gives you a huge advantage or may soon realise their website is not optimised at all or done incorrectly( the last point may not be easily detectable unless you know a little about SEO)

Use Keyword Tools

When you and your friends have completed the keyword research, it is time to test it using the many keyword tools available. They will be able to let you know if you are headed in the right direction and if the keywords are relevant. What’s more, these tools even offer suggested keywords you may not have thought of earlier.

Add Keywords Reflecting Your Local City

To get hold of the local market or city in some specific cases, it is always are good idea to include that in your Page Title as well as Meta Descriptions. That is why it is important to optimise your contact us page and include all your local information.

Keywords are a very important component of a successful PPC campaign and doing a little bit of research goes a long way in the success of your website longetivity.  Website statistics also give an insight into which keywords visitors have entered in search engines to visit your site. It is therefore very important to ensure the websites statistics are reviewed frequently.

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