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Shivam Offers Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search engine optimisation services are still the bread and butter of the best Internet marketing company like Shivam for several reasons. For one thing, landing on the first page of the search engine results for specific keywords will most likely generate viable leads that, in turn, can be optimized for conversion. For another thing, Netizens still appreciate useful, reliable and relevant content, which is a staple of SEO.

Customised Service

But for its SEO services to be successful, the best Internet marketing company must always customize the service to the unique needs and wants of the client. The goals of SEO are, after all, to provide higher search engine rankings and, in consequence, greater brand visibility and higher number of viable leads for the concerned client.

In this regard, Shivam applies the following process in delivering its wide range of search engine optimisation services. The combination of fixed processes and tailored steps at every phase of the project leads to excellent results in SEO, which our clients can attest to. Customization within standard processes is one of the keys to our success in the industry.

Summary of Process

Here at Shivam, we apply the following steps to customise our SEO services:

• The initial consultation identifies your business requirements in relation to the SEO goals and outcomes.

• The keywords and keyword phrases will be evaluated based on the results of the first step.

• The website will be optimised and the content will be improved on

• The submission of the website to search engines and its contents to online directories commences.

• The link building campaign follows soon after. This step improves your website’s popularity and credibility in the niche market that, in turn, increases your chances for conversions.

Arguably, the most important of the search engine optimisation services we offer is the continuous reporting, monitoring and evaluating activities performed on the website and its performance. Resting on our laurels is not something we do because of the highly competitive world of online marketing.

We provide for several reports for our clients including the Optimisation Report, the Keyword Analysis Report, and the Web Content Analysis Report. We always advise our clients on the ways to interpret and utilise these reports to make their website even better even after our professional relationships have been completed.

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