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Social Media Marketing Melbourne Companies Showcasing Their Talent

Social media marketing Melbourne companies are having the time of their lives, so to speak, and we can certainly see why. Australians are one of the most active users of social media and social networking sites in the world, thanks to a comprehensive information and communications technology infrastructure in the country.

Statistics Say It All

Social media marketing Melbourne companies certainly have an active market to connect with via useful, relevant and reliable content including advertisements, news and articles. The statistics on users of social media sites in Australia are impressive

(All figures are based on monthly usage as of September 2012)

The websites mentioned above have either maintained or increased their number of members, thus, maintaining their lead over other social media sites like BlogSpot, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Of course, the most reliable Internet marketing company in Australia is well-versed, if not highly proficient, in maximising the benefits of these social media sites for the advantage of its clients.

Shivam is also one of the social media marketing Melbourne companies showcasing their skills, portfolio and innovations in the industry via a wide range of methods. These include effective industry collaborations, productive social media events, and client presentations, to name a few.

Social Media Events

Aside from the rich pickings in target audience, social media marketing Melbourne companies have another thing going for their industry – industry events. These events are designed to facilitate discussions on social media marketing in particular and online marketing in general. Workshops, seminars and open forums are the orders of the day for these events so participants are encouraged to come prepared about their ideas, concerns and issues for the body to consider.

But it is not just in Australia that social media marketing companies in Melbourne are making their mark. Many of these organisations are increasingly tapping into the international market to offer their world-class products and services. Australian companies may well dominate social media marketing in the near future but the people behind these companies should do their work.

Shivam’s services include software solutions, website design and development, and Internet marketing, all of which are delivered according to specs at the right time to the right person.

Indeed, for proof of the way that social media marketing Melbourne companies are showing their talents, you need not look far – there’s Shivam! Its professionals are among the most experienced and most innovative social marketing experts in the region.

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