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E-mail Marketing Service

Boost your sales through E-mail Marketing Services

Email marketing offers a number of benefits to online businesses and provides a cheap and effective way for vendors to increase their sales conversions, up-sell and cross-sell products and services and generally boost profits. Email marketing services can also provide you with an easy way to source valuable feedback from both your general visitors and regular clients to your website and is a useful tool for increasing your brand name exposure.
Email marketing is a useful way of getting your message across to your customers and can take many formats and, and you can use newsletters, customer surveys, coupons, discount codes and new product line alerts to keep your brand name fresh in the minds of your customers, and encourage them to visit your website again in the future.
Shivam provides E-mail marketing solutions for online businesses who want to create an engaging experience for their customer. By offering an efficient, effective, web-based software application, Shivam gives marketers the power to build relationships directly with its clients. The combination of a powerful solution and expert support help clients send the right message to the right person at the right time resulting in positive ROI and business growth.

Why You Need An E-mail Marketing Service?

  • Affordable and easy to use email campaign creation services that decrease setup time
  • Email contact list demographic segmentation to enable focused marketing strategies to increase your success rates
  • Reporting features that help judge how successful your campaigns are
  • Emails are one of the most cost effective ways of targeting global contacts
  • It  costs almost 80% less to set up and manage an email marketing campaign as it does to run the equivalent direct mail
  • An interactive campaign which includes graphics can grab the attention of prospect

Our Effective E-mail Marketing Methodology

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Maintaining old customer
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increase the click through rates
  • Get more ROI
  • Use rich graphics and active links to convey your message
  • Saves you money on direct mailing
  • Time your mailing and get it delivered at a time you feel best
  • Get immediate response on your products and services
  • Track and measure results instantly

Why Choose Shivam Internet Marketing Team for E-mail Marketing?

We have extensive experience in e-mail marketing.
You will receive monthly E-mail marketing reports detailing the work we have done and you can keep track of your project using our online Service Desk.
Our team will be more than happy to assist with any queries you may have about E-mail marketing. So, contact us now to discuss your E-mail marketing campaign.