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Instant Business growth using Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Optimise Your Google Adwords Campaign with Shivam Internet Marketing

At Shivam, we follow a PPC Management System (Pay per Click Advertising) that is designed to give our clients the best possible Return on Investment and allow them to reach their marketing goals in no time.

Our PPC bidding experts will research all major search engines individually to ensure maximum benefit to you. We strongly believe that every successful Pay per Click (PPC) campaign requires specific strategies tailored to individual search engines. We have very specific guidelines to follow for implementing PPC advertising in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management System

We understand that most important goal with any PPC advertising is good Return on Investment. Every click cost money and we need to ensure every click is achieved at the lowest possible rate to generate qualified traffic.

Target Market > Targeted ads for keywords > Ad display timing > Fine tuning > Conversions

We will assist by:

  • Researching the right keywords for PPC campaign
  • Attention grabbing creative ad design
  • Defining an upper bid limit (No ugly bidding war)
  • Reducing cost per click by focusing on targeted keywords thus reducing your spend
  • Reducing cost per click by focusing on targeted Region
  • Closely monitoring campaign results and fine tuning them on regular basis
  • Regular updates and progress report to you.
  • Develop your brand exposure

So, Why Should I Choose Shivam Internet Marketing Team?

  • No fixed term contract
  • Our low monthly fees
  • Complete transparency of work undertaken
  • Detailed monthly reporting on your PPC campaign
  • A dedicated Pay per Click (PPC) Expert

Our work is based around you and your business. Your business is very important and you should focus on your core business. Our expertise is Pay per Click management; that’s what we do!

So, wherever you are looking to promote your business or building your brand on the Internet, Our team at Shivam Internet Marketing can help you. The benefits don’t end there either. You get better conversion ratio due to our laser targeted keyword strategy.

To find out more about pay per click services, please contact our sales team and request your no obligation Pay Per Click Assessment.