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Website Analytics and Reporting

Find out if SEO is working for your business through website analytics and reporting

Internet marketers are beginning to realise the importance of using web analytics to better understand their customers' preferences and online behaviours. In online advertising, web analytics help us understand where people are going, where they came from, where they drop out and what might help them to convert.

Companies can deliver more targeted and relevant email campaigns by measuring open click through and unsubscribe rates. Search marketers can monitor and optimise their campaigns in real time, adding and deleting keywords as they go.

Through web analytics and reporting, Shivam can assist a business to determine what is attainable in their future by evaluating past successes and failures. In addition, by analysing trends across marketing channels, marketers can learn which strategies have the most impact on their consumers, and therefore determine which areas of the company are thriving and which need improvement. 

Why You Need Website Analytics And Reporting?

  • Track how well your keywords are doing in search engines
  • Track where your visitors are from
  • Track how long your visitors spend on the website
  • Track which page the visitors have exited from
  • Track where the most time was spent by visitors

Our Effective Website Analytics and Reporting Methodology

  • Monthly reporting
  • Breakdown of important categories for further evaluation
  • Competitive analysis report- Find out what your competitors are up to 

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Why Choose Shivam Internet Marketing Team for Search Engine Marketing?

We have extensive experience in Search engine marketing. Our team will be more than happy to assist with any queries you may have about search engine marketing. So, contact us now on 03 9909 7799 to discuss you search engine marketing needs.