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Website Design FAQ

Can you design my website even if I am using my own web hosting company?

Yes, you can use any web host you like. Once your website has been completed, we will require your web hosting ftp login username as password so that we can upload your website for you.

I cannot seem to find my website in search engines.

Once your site has been submitted to the top Search Engines they may require several weeks, or even months to actually spider and list your web site in their directory. This is beyond the control of Shivam.

I would like you to design my website. What is the next step?

Please call us on 03 9909 7799 or complete the online contact form.

How long will it take to design the website?

Normally, it can take up to 4 weeks to design a website. The most common delay is waiting for the content and images from the client.

Will there be an initial meeting to discuss the website requirements?

The initial meeting is normally done face to face and after that; most of our websites are completed with contact via telephone and email.

If I choose a CMS system, will it affect the search engine friendly component?

All the web pages created are search engine friendly. You can even add your own search engine Meta tags to each individual web page if desired.

Can you guarantee my site will be available 24/7?

No web hosting service can guarantees 100% uptime. However, we have not had any major scare in our years in business so far. We do have the necessary backups in place to deal with this issue if it does ever happen.

I just need to update my existing website, can you help?

Yes, we certainly can. Please contact us on 03 9909 7799.

What are the things that you expect from my company to complete the web site design?

Brochures, logos, photographs, product descriptions, business cards etc. are all recommended resources to use. For new businesses, we will help you get started from scratch. A dedicated person will answer any questions during your website project.